Melting Pot
Pan Asian
We bring together Asia’s most treasured culinary traditions under one roof with both classic offerings and modern interpretations of authentic Asian cuisine. Guests can delight in dining at the four interactive Yakiniku tables* with three concepts from which to choose: Korean BBQ, Sukiyaki, and Shabu-Shabu; as well as with the live Teppanyaki or Wok*. Or, you can also choose to eat in the main dining room, a sleek and captivating Asian-inspired space. Reservation required for interactive Yakiniku tables (Korean BBQ, Sukiyaki, Shabu-Shabu), Teppanyaki, and Wok tables.

Dinner Regular Casual: For Ladies: Long pants, Capri pants, skirt and blouse, or dress. For Gentlemen: Shorts, Bermudas, Capri or long pants. Dress shirt, collarless shirt, or polo shirt. Casual shoes or elegant sandals must be worn. Sleeveless t-shirts, tank tops, and beach sandals, or flip flops are not allowed.

  • Hours06:00 pm - 10:30 pm